Smarter then the average bear!

This is stuff. Stuff fills my life. Some times i post stuff here. some times i re-post other peoples stuff. Stuff is fun and sometimes keeps me busy.

feel free to email me some times i reply to stuff.
and i do stuff on xbox and ps3 under HBcubs add me and we can do stuff together

Anyone in Nuremberg what should I do there when I visit.

Wtf… I look at my phone and my tumbler is blowing up.. Where’s the fire.

Anonymous asked: Do you regret everything then?

I regret nothing!

Some say I clean up nice.

Some say I clean up nice.

One day you’ll wake up and realize. If you regret everything, it’s easier to apologize about nothing.

On my way to Tokyo!!!!

Anonymous asked: would you make a vid of someone tickling you for a minute or two? sides or bare feet? just this once?

only if you show your face.


This is a hot new music video featuring chubby bears. Please share if you like it!